Introduction to the Conference

The Environmental & Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-EWRI) is pleased to continue the International Perspective on Water Resources & the Environment (IPWE) conference series. These events create offer a platform for professionals to share knowledge, network, and gain perspective of water resource issues unique to the conference destination. Furthermore, ASCE-EWRI prides itself on making these events accessible to participants from a wide range of cultural, socio-economic, and professional backgrounds.

In 2006 ASCE-EWRI initiated a series of international conferences in developing countries. The primary objective of this conference series is to bring together environmental and water resources professionals from around the world with a focus on the regional issues of the developing country where the conference is hosted. Furthermore, ASCE-EWRI aims to make these conferences accessible to participants from a wide range of cultural, socio-economic, and professional backgrounds.

IPWE 2017 will be the ninth installment of the conference series. Having hosted registrants from 64 distinct countries since 2006, the Conference Organizing Committee and EWRI Staff look forward to the challenge of continuing to diversify the attendance and increase the value of these events. Prior conferences have been hosted in:
New Delhi, India (2006)
Bangkok, Thailand (2009)
Chennai, India (2010)
Singapore (2011)
Marrakech, Morocco (2012)
Izmir, Turkey (2013)
Quito, Ecuador (2014)
Colombo, Sri lanka (2016)


IPWE 2017
International Perspective on
Water Resources and the Environment
Wuhan, China, January 4-6, 2017

A Conference Organized By

Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI), ASCE, USA
School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Wuhan University, China

State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science, Wuhan University, China

and Co-Organized by 

 Chinese American Water Resources Association (CAWRA)

Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

and Sponsored by

Chinese American Water Resources Association (CAWRA)

Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society

Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering

Yangtze River Water Resources Commission



Coordinating Water Resources Management for Water Supply, Food and Energy Production, and Environmental Conservation under Changing Environment 

EWRI-ASCE together with partners from other countries has successfully hosted the past conferences of International Perspective on Water Resources and the Environment (IPWE) (New Delhi, India in 2006; Bangkok, Thailand in 2009; Chennai, India, in 2010; Singapore, 2011, Marrakech, Morocco in 2012; and Istanbul, Turkey, 2014, Sri Lanka 2016), we plan to have IPWE 2017 conference in Wuhan, China.  

The IPWE-2017 in China is expected to be the first comprehensive international water resources conference in China.  Wuhan, with 10 million inhabitants, is the largest city in Central China. The city is famous for its transportation convenience with most major cities in China and also many cities around the world. Wuhan University is one of the key comprehensive universities under the administration of Ministry of Education, P. R. China and one of the top universities in China. One of its particular strengths is water resources research and education, which is mainly conducted within School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering (SWRHE), one of the most preeminent and influential institutes for higher education and scientific research in the fields of water resources and hydropower engineering in China. 

We choose the topic “Coordinating Water Resources Management for Water Supply, Food and Energy Production, and Environmental Conservation under the Changing Environment.” The purpose is to bring professionals including engineers, scientists, practitioners, and policy makers from the various areas including food and agriculture, energy, and environment to the conference to exchange the various studies and options with a particular emphasis on the coordination and governance of managing water resources for multiple purposes in a holistic approach and under the challenges of climate change and socioeconomic changes. This conference will then cover a wide variety of but connected topics related to water and food, water and energy, human water uses versus environmental conservation. Technical sessions will include topics of importance for both developed and developing countries and for both long-lasting and emerging water resources management issues.

 The regular sessions are listed as below.

·        Water for agriculture: More food per drop of water

·         Water-energy nexus: Developing sustainable interdependent relation between the two systems

·         Environmental flow requirement and ecological restoration

·        The impact of climate change on water availability, demand and water storage operation

·         Human impacton hydrological processes and water availability

·         Centralized vs. decentralized management: Implications for engineering and operation

·         Governance on conflict resolution in inter-sectorial water demands

·         River basin management and inter-basin water transfer

·         Integrated water quantity and quality management

·         Water security and safety in developing urban areas

·         Watershed management and ecosystem restoration

·         Multi-purpose reservoir systems operation

·        Managing extreme water events: floods and droughts

·         Managing groundwater in a sustainable way

·         The role of hydroclimatic prediction in water resourcesplanning and real-time systems operations

·         Water policy and management in arid and semiarid regions

·         Coastal systems & eutrophication

·         Groundwater  monitoring and real-time modeling

·         Climate  and glacier change and water resources assessment- minoring, modeling and  operation 

 The special sessions sponsored by the Key Research Plan of NSFC on “Adaptive water resources management under changing environment in Southwest China”  are listed as below.

·         Source apportionment of runoff    

·         Hydrological responses under changing climate

·         Biogeochemical processes

·         Water-energy-food-environment nexus

·         Adaptive management of water resources

The conference will also include two unique symposiums on:

·         Outstanding, unique water problems in China

·         High-profile dialogue on water resources research collaboration between US and China, to be sponsored by US National Science Foundation (NSF) and Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)


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